Witt Family Stores

Marcie Witt is Jay Cohen’s daughter-in-law married to Jay’s older son Seth Cohen. Marci’s father’s family came from Columbus, GA where the family had stores in Georgia and Alabama.

The Witts were originally from Philadelphia, PA where they had grocer and drygoods stores. A relative, Harry Witt (originally Witkovsky) moved to Sylacauga, AL where he opened a store. Business was good and the people were friendly so he told other relatives back in Philadelphia to move south, but not to Sylacauga. The relatives moved to Columbus, GA.

In 1950, (from the City Directory) here were the Witt Stores in Columbus, GA:

  • Witt Department Store (owned by brothers Louis Witt [father of David Witt, Marci Witt and  Cohen’s father] and Morris Witt) at 1036 Talbotton Rd
  • Witt Department Store 1409 5 Ave. Managed by Paul Witt
  • Witt Distributing Company (ran by brothers Louis  Witt and Morris Witt) at 1036 Talbotton Rd
  • Witt Store (general merchandise) (Hyman Witt) 1015 Broadway
  • Witt’s Variety Store (Hyman Witt) 2623 Hamilton Road
  • Witt’s Variety Store 223 38th Street (Managed by Jean Dimenstein, daughter of Minnie Witt Dimentstein and a first cousin of Hyman)