Part 2 Sidney (NY) Ruby’s Department Store

Chain: Ruby’s Department Store

Date Opened: November 1, 1962

Date Closed:  1963 (Was open for less than one year.)

Street Address(es) when open (Building name/block) [Current Address]: 52 Main Street

Former Store(s)  in Location(s): Western Auto

Later Store(s) in Location(s): Forsythe Music Center (1964)

Buildings still exist?: Yes, but modified (See photo below.)

Owners, Managers, Employees:

  • Sol Helfand, owner
  • Estelle Helfand, manager
  • Eve Snover, clerk

Subsequent Owners if sold: Just closed

Articles, Pictures, Ads:

Ruby’s Sidney – Store Open (Oneonta Star 1962-10-26 p16

Ruby’s Sidney – Parade picture July 6, 1963 (Sidney Historical Society Facebook)

Ruby’s Sidney – Family Bargain Center opens (Oneonta Star 1963-09-25 p3){JICNote: The coming of “discounters” like the Family Bargain Center became the death knell for small stores like Ruby’s Department Store in Sidney. It also affected business in the Ruby’s Department Store in nearby Unadilla leading to that store’s closure in 1966.}

Ruby’s Sidney – location where Ruby’s was in Sidney (Google Earth 2020)