Hill’s Department Stores

Hill’s Department Stores was started by Isadore Kropsky, one of Paul I. Pearl’s brother-in-laws (Isadore was married to Paul’s sister Ruth.) with Isadore’s brother-in-law Charlie Hill. The Hill’s stores were in Vermont. Isadore originally started with the Pearl’s Department Stores, Inc. chain and rose to what would now be called “store operations manager” of the small chain while Paul I. Pearl moved to Mount Vernon (NY) and focused on buying for the chain. When Paul’s sons, Elliot and Norman came home from WWII, Paul and Isadore had a parting of the ways. That is when Isadore opened his own stores with Charlie Hill. Later, Isadore and Charlie went in different directions (Charlie also had hardware stores.) and Isadore had the Hill’s clothing stores with his brother Harry Kropsky and Harry’s wife Mary, and his sister Sally Gershon. At one time, Harry Kropsky worked for Paul I. Pearl and Sally Gershon’s husband Jack worked for Paul I. Pearl as well.

Hill’s Department Stores was not related to the large discount chain Hill’s.

There were also other Hill’s Department Stores in New York State run by Charlies’ brother in Booneville (NY), Lowville (NY) and Cooperstown (NY) and a store in New Hampshire. These stores received some merchandise from the Pearl’s Department Stores, Inc. warehouse.