Part 2 Burlington (VT) I. Perelman’s N. Winooski Ave.

Chain: I. Perelman (Just one store)

Date Opened: Unknown

Date Closed: Unknown

Street Address(es) when open (Building name/block) 345 N. Winooski Ave, Burlington, Vt  [Current Address]:

Former Store(s)  in Location(s): Unknown

Later Store(s) in Location(s):

Buildings still exist?:

Owners, Managers, Employees:

  • I. (Isaac Perelman)

Subsequent Owners if sold: Unknown

Articles, Pictures, Ads:

I. Perelman Knights of Pythias (BFP 10-26-1901 p5)

I. Perelman – Riverside Hotel for Sale or Rent (BFP 06-22-1909 p6)

I. Perelman – Riverside Hotel proprietor, disorderly persons case dismissed (BFP 09-12-1910 p5)

I. Perelman Large Stock ad (BFP 4-10-1911 p11)

I. Perelman Ground room to rent (BFP 05-11-1911 p11)

I. Perelman New and Slightly Used ad (BFP 05-17-1912 p15) JICNote: This ad ran through 03-09-1915

I. Perelman Lost and Found ad (BFP 02-16-1917 p15) JICNote:  This ad ran through 09-07-1917

I. Perelman Will Pay Highest Prices (BFP 09-08-17 p15)

I. Perelman Before You Advertise (BFP 10-12-1917 p11)

I. Perelman Palestine Clothing Drive (BFP 04-04-1919 p11)

I. Perelman Wanted Land for Grazing (BFP 05-10-1919 p9)

I. Perelman – For Sale – Second Hand Store (BFP 06-03-1919 p9)

I. Perelman – Before You Advertise – last one maybe (BFP 05-04-1920 p14).

I. Perelman – Probate Meyer E. Rosenberg (BFP 12-21-1920 p12)

I. Perelman – Probate Meyer E. Rosenberg (BFP 12-29-1920 p8)

I. Perelman – Council of Jewish Women clothes for quarantine steamers (BFP 05-05-1921 p12)

I. Perelman – Jewish Life Saving Appeal (BFP 5-02-1922 p6)

I. Perelman – Business trip to NYC (BFP 11-05-1923 p7)

I. Perelman – Transfer of property 338 and 340 N. Wonooski Ave to Aaron Perelman (BFP 9-10-1924 p16)

I. Perelman – Tenement for Rent N. Winooski Ave. (BFP 10-19-1925 p10)