Fienberg Family Stores

The Fienbergs were a Jewish family that lived in Bennington,  Vermont. The Fienbergs started out as peddlers and graduated to store ownership. Nesbeth Perelman, daughter of Jacob Perelman of Burlington, VT, married George Fienberg of Bennington, VT.  Nesbeth is a first cousin 1 time removed of Jay Cohen

Nesbeth Perelman Fienberg owned a children’s clothing and toy store called The Jack and Jill Shop in Bennington, VT.

Georges’s father, Harry Fienberg, son of Abraham Fienberg,  had a dry goods store called The Domestic Mart. Harry’s brother, Max Fienberg, had three furniture stores (Bennington, Rutland, and Burlington named The Home Furniture Company. Harry’s brother Charlie had Fienberg’s which sold adult clothing, jewelry, and appliances. All these stores were on Main Street in Bennington. George Fienberg’s law office was also on Main street.

Abraham Fienberg and his other two sons, William and Morris, owned Standard Furniture in Albany and Schenectady, NY. Abraham Fienberg’s only daughter, Fannie Fienberg and her husband Samuel Solomon had a men’s clothing store, Milstein’s, in Gloversville, NY.