Part 2 Canton (PA) Albert’s Department Store

Chain: Albert’s Department Store

Date Opened: circa November 6, 1951

Date Closed: circa January 29, 1959

Street Address(es) when open (Building name/block) [Current Address]: 11 Main Street, Canton,  PA

Former Store(s)  in Location(s): Lazuras store

Later Store(s) in Location(s):

Buildings still exist?:

Owners, Managers, Employees: Albert Kaplan (owner)

Subsequent Owners if sold:

Articles, Pictures, Ads:

Opening of Canton (PA) store article (Canton Independent-Sentinel, November 22, 1951 p1)

Fruit of the Loom nylons ad [I believe almost all Pearl’s related stores sold this brand!) (Canton Independent-Sentinel, November 6, 1951 p9)

First ad for Canton store found in newspaper. Stores often used flyers.  (Canton Independent-Sentinel , November 15, 1951 p9)

ad showing breadth of merchandise including toys! (Canton Independent-Sentinel, December 13, 1951 p4)

List of other stores in Canton, PA in 1956 (Canton Independent-Sentinel, March 29, 1956 p8)

Ad for Going-Out-Of-Business (Canton Independent-Sentinel,  January 29, 1959 p2)