Part 2 Glens Falls (NY) WO (Warehouse Outlet)

Chain: Pearl’s Department Stores, Inc.

Date Opened: Warehouse bought August, 1956. WO (Warehouse Outlet) store was opened in 1957.

Date Closed:  June 14, 1988

Street Address(es) when open (Building name/block) Corner of Maple Street and Culvert  Street. WO was in same building as Pearl’s Department Stores, Inc.’s warehouse. [Current Address]: 153 Maple Street, Glens Falls, NY 12801-3797 Google Map

Former Store(s)  in Location(s): Warehouse building was a beer distributor, T. J. Kennedy Distributing Company, Inc.

Later Store(s) in Location(s): When closed in 1988, building sold to Eligere, Inc.,  a Texas-based manufacturer of custom packages for perfumes.

Buildings still exist?: Yes

Owners, Managers, Employees:

Subsequent Owners if sold:

Articles, Pictures, Ads:

WO – Grand Opening ad – top (GF Post-Star 12-04-1957 p19)

WO – Grand Opening ad – middle- (GF Post-Star 12-04-1957 p19)

WO – Grand Opening ad – bottom- (GF Post-Star 12-04-1957 p19)

WO – Bankrupt Stock Sale (GF Post-Star 3-20-1958 p11)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 6-12-1958 p22)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 6-26-1958 p19)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 7-13-1961 p19)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 7-31-1958 p10)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 8-07-1958 p27)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 8-21-1958 p20)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 8-28-1958 p17)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 9-04-1958 p16)

WO – Clerk want ad (GF Post-Star 9-19-1958 p15)

WO – Stock Clerk want ad (GF Post-Star 3-03-1959 p15)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 4-30-1959 p11)

WO – Clerk want ad (GF Post-Star 5-11-1959 p14)

WO – Seasons Greetings (GF Post-Star 12-24-1959 p9)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 5-05-1960 p14)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 5-12-1960 p19)

WO – Pre-Xmas Sale ad (GF Post-Star 12-15-1960 p25)

WO – WWSC sponsor (GF Post-Star 12-24-1960 p14)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 7-13-1961 p19)

WO – Double Deduction ad (GF Post-Star 8-09-1961 p15)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 10-26-1961 p13)

WO – Buys property next door (GF post-Star 1-16-1962 p2)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 4-05-1962 p16)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 12-20-1962 p20)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 10-31-1963 p20)

WO – Store Clerks want ad (GF Times 4-06-1964 p21)

WO – Board of Public Safety Meeting re Culvert St parking (GF Times 7-14-1964 p6)

WO – Pearl truck fire (GF Post-Star 12-10-1964 p25)

WO – Forgery Indictment by Warren County Grand Jury (GF Times 2-04-1965 p5)

WO – Ad (GF Times 5-19-1965 p13)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 10-14-1965 p23)

WO – Pearl’s buys warehouse from TJ Kennedy Distributing 10 yrs ago (GF Times 8-08-1966 p4). JICNote: Warehouse moved from Malone, NY.

WO – ad (GF -Star 5-11-1967 p15)

JICNote: See Skyliner Discounter page for joint ads from 1967 through end of 1977

WO – Donation of toys to Annual Bazaar of Church of Messiah (GF Times 11-19-1969 p7) JICNote: Note names of other stores which would be considered competitors at that time.

WO – ad with Paul Pearl’s 80th Birthday (GF Post-Star 11-16-1972 p32)

WO – Arson fire in garage (GF Post-Star 6-18-1975 p4)


WO – Shoplifter (GF Post-Star 4-20-1976 p12)

WO- History of Pearls (GF Post-Star 5-22-1976 p69)

WO – ad after Skyline Discounter closing (GF Post-Star 3-22-1978 p47)

WO – Closed for remodeling (GF Post-Star 4-26-1978 p14)  JICNote: Apparently remodeled after closing of Skyline Discounter store.

WO – July 4th ad (GF Post-Star 7-03-1978 p23)

WO – Summer – School ad (GF Post-Star 8-01-1979 p14)

WO – Pre-Winter Sale (GF Post-Star 11-05-1980 p14)

WO – Selling Out Liquidation Sale P. I. Pearl & Co. wholesale (GF Times 10-06-1983 p26)

WO – 13 percent off ad (GF POst-Star 7-13-1984 p7)

WO – Back-to-School ad (GF Post-Star 8-29-1984 p12)

WO – 10 percent off ad (GF Post-Star 9-19-1984 p6)

WO – Off Price Sale (GF Post-Star 11-19-1984 p19)

WO – Back-to-School ad (GF Post-Star 8-07-1985 p6)

WO – Back-to-School ad (GF Post-Star 8-21-1985 p15)

WO – Christmas Gift Sale ad (GF Post-Star 12-5-1985 p19)

WO – Washingtons Birthday Sale – WO Corinth Warrensburg Whitehall Ticonderoga Poultney (GF Post-Star 2-16-1987)

WO – Parking Lot Sale – WO and 21 stores (GF Post-Star 6-10-1987 p15)

WO – Parking lot sale (GF Post-Star 6-12-1987 p9)

WO – 50 percent off sale – credit cards (GF Post-Star 9-25-1987 p6)

WO – Inventory Clearance Sale (GF Post-Star 12-03-1987 p8)

WO – ad (GF Post-Star 3-18-1988 p3)

WO – Going Out Of Business Sale (GF Post-Star 6-06-1988 p22)



WO – Store closes, end of chain (Post-Star 06-14-1988, p14)


WO – 153 Maple Street location of WO store (on right) and Pearl’s Department Stores Inc. warehouse (Google Earth 2018)