Pearl's In Keeseville NY around 1968

"I Remember Pearl's"

If you grew up in upstate New York ("the North Country") or in northern Vermont anywhere from the 1930s through the 1980's you probably remember a "Pearl's Department Store" or just "Pearl's"  in your hometown and/or a neighboring town. You went there with your Mom or your friends. You bought your Wrangler jeans and your school clothes or a Christmas gift. Pearl's were there before the Kmart's, Ames, and Walmart's and the Northway. You may not have known that the store was part of a much larger network of stores or about their fascinating history. This website is the story of that family of stores!

Welcome to the "A Family of Stores" website where the history of Pearl's Department Stores, Inc. and other family-related stores (Pearl's (Chateaugay)  Hill's, Ruby's, Waldman's, Shapiro's, Nate's, and Witt's)  is being documented.

This website is an ongoing project and a labor of love. Please use the menu on the right to go to the various chapters and sections. Start with Part 1 Chapter 1  Introduction to A Family of Stores which gives an extensive overview and an interesting Google map showing the locations of the various stores, then check out the other chapters in Part 1. Part 2 - Select Store Family has the store pages. Store pages are being added and updated as research and time permits.  So far, check out the two Albert's Department Stores (Canton (PA) and Sayre (PA)  and Pearl's stores in Corinth, Enosburg Falls. Keeseviile,  and Willsboro.