Part 2 Alexandria Bay (NY) Pearl’s Department Store

Chain: Pearl’s Department Stores, Inc.

Date Opened:

Date Closed:  March, 1988 (When Pearl’s Department Stores, Inc. ceased operations)

Street Address(es) when open (Building name/block)  26 James Street [Current Address]:

Former Store(s)  in Location(s): ?

Later Store(s) in Location(s): Home Sweet Home (owned by Margaret “Peggy” Sweet),  name of store after she bought out the Pearl’s store

Buildings still exist?: ?

Owners, Managers, Employees:

  • Margaret “Peggy” Sweet, Manager 18 years
  • Mrs. Marion Kanecke

Subsequent Owners if sold: Margaret “Peggy” Sweet

Articles, Pictures, Ads:


Pearl’s Alexandria Bay – Spring ad (Thousand Islands Sun 3-10-1952 p4)


Pearl’s Alexandria Theresa – ad (Thousand Islands Sun 9-13-1956 p12)

Pearl’s Alexandria Bay – 1000 Islands Marathon (06-08-1961 p5)

Pearl’s Alexandria Bay – fire (Syracuse Post-Standard 09-20-1961 p6)


Mrs. Marion Kanecke (Thousand Island Sun 3-24-1965 p7 via Fulton History)

Pearl’s Clayton Alex Bay Theresa American Legion ad (Thousand Island Sun 05-20-1965) via Fulton


Pearl’s Alexandria Bay – Congratulations on 30th Anniversary of Thousand Island Bridge (Watertown Daily Times 07-09-1968 p10)

Pearl’s Alex Bay Clayton Theresa Hermon – free photo with store addresses (WDT 09-13-1968)

Pearl’s Alex Bay Clayton Theresa Hermon – free photo with addresses (WDT 05-08-1969)


earl’s Alexandria Bay – Hockey Trophy (Syracuse Post-Standard 12-27-1976 p28)


Magaret Sweet – Manager 18 years (Newzjunky 10-07-2018)